Custom Processing

At Trilogy we offer a variety of ways to have your catch prepared. From custom cutting and freezing to smoking and marinading. You don't even need to pack up your fish to bring them to us. We will meet you at the dock and pack up your fish for you. You just tell us what you want us to do. Our processing plant has open-ended hours so we can accommodate late drop offs and early morning pickups. We work with you so that you can enjoy your fishing experience.

Not fishing in Tofino? That's okay too! You can drop off your catch at Far West Fish Pack for the same great service and processing options. We pick-up daily so your fish is never frozen prior to processing.

Custom Cutting and Freezing

You decide steaks or fillets, cryo pack size from a 2 person portion size to the whole fish. When it comes to freezing only the best will do so we use one of our two flash freezers to ensure that your fish stay fresh longer.

Custom cutting, cryo-packing, and flash freezing:  $2.00/lb.

Custom Smoking

Our smoking is what put us on the map. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile. Every ingredient has to be the best, from the alder trees that we go out and cut down to make our wood chips, to the sugar and spices we use in our brines. You can't say that you make the best without starting with the best: and that's what we do.

We offer a number of different ways to have your fish smoked. All our smoking ingredients are all natural and no additives are ever used.

Traditional Hot Smoke - Your fish will be brined with sugar and salt and smoked in a traditional smoke house. We use fresh green Alder for smoking because of its mild smokey flavour that allows the fish to not be over powered. In the end you have a moist piece of smoked salmon that is great for almost any meal.

Peppered Traditional Hot Smoke - Same as above, but right before being loaded into the smoker it is sprinkled with fresh crack Tellicherry peppercorns.

Candied Salmon and Pepper Sticks - This west coast favourite has to be tried. We start by slicing your salmon in thin strips and brining them in a sweet maple brine. They are smoked with alder and glazed with maple syrup. The healthiest snack food you will ever eat. These can also be peppered right before going into the smoker giving them a bit of a kick.

Cold Smoked Salmon -  Cold smoking takes a long time but it is definitely worth the wait. From start to finish it takes about 7 days to cold smoke. We start with a similar brine as the hot smoke, but that is where the similarities end. It is then hung in one of our 2 custom made smoke houses. It will stay there for around 5 days slowly curing and being flavoured by the smoke. Each load is different. Sometimes it takes less time, sometimes more. So our Smoke Master has to keep his eye on it and pull it out as soon as it hits the right texture.

Custom cutting, smoking, cryo packing, and flash freezing $4.00/lb.
Slicing cold smoked salmon is an extra $1.00/lb.

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