Ling Cod

Ling cod like most cod is a flaky white fish. The Ling Cod that we sell is caught as bycatch by our Halibut Fishermen. Ling cod is a great alternative to Halibut and is much less expensive.

Rock Cod

Rock Cod or Snapper is a name given to a type of bottom fish. There are many types of Rock Fish in our waters. Some of the best are Yellow Eye, Copper, and Quilback. These are usually more expensive because they have a whiter flesh, thicker fillet, and are more firm than other types of rock fish. Other types of Rock Cod that we carry are Cannary, Yellow Tail, China, Dusky, and many more.

Black Cod

Black Cod is also called Sablefish or Butter Fish. Black Cod is highly sought after by the Japanese because of its rich oily meat (hence the name Butter Fish). Most of our Black Cod is caught in the spring, when the Long Line Fishing boats start heading out after the winter storms have passed. The Sablefish that we carry is a bycatch from halibut boats, same as the Ling and Rock Cod.
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