Halibut is a flat fish found on the bottom of the ocean. Halibut are born with one eye on either side of their head, but when they get to be about 6 months old, one eye moves the other side making them have two eyes on the same side. After 6 months a Halibut has the same shape as a flounder or sole. Halibut is highly sought after because of its mild, flaky, white meat. Halibut is found all around the waters near Tofino, but is only caught from the middle of March to the Middle of November. The commercial fishery is closed through the winter because this is when Halibut reproduce. Halibut is also certified as a sustainable fishery by the "Marine Stewardship Council".

We sell Halibut fresh when in season and frozen all year. We recommend boneless skinless fillets, but steaks can cut cut if preferred.

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