Shell Fish


There are many Oyster farms dotting the coasts of Vancouver Island and Clayoquot Sound is no exception. Primarily, oysters grown in the sound are sent off to be shucked. The majority of live oysters in the shell come from the East Coast of Vancouver Island. The same oysters can be grown in different areas and will be quite different. The environment that they are grown in greatly effects how an oyster will taste and look. Because there are so many different areas that grow Oysters you can generally find them all year round.


Most clams that we sell at Trilogy are Little Neck Clams or Manilla Clams. These are a small variety great for steaming. Like Oysters, they are available year round except for the occasional red tide closure. There are many other types of clams such as Razor, Savoury, and Geoduck; the majority or these are exported.


Mussels sold in BC are grown on floating rafts with lines hanging off. The Mussels attach themselves to the lines. They will stay here filter feeding until they reach market size. Most mussels grown in BC come from Salt Spring Island and Cortez Island. Like clams they are available year round with the exception of red tide.
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