Albacore Tuna ( aka Tombo or Longfinned Tuna)

Thunnus alalunga

Albacore tuna can be found all over the world. But we only sell Albacore that is caught in the North Pacific. We do this because of the efforts placed on sustainability by the fisherman and regulators. The North Pacific Tuna Fishery is governed by the United States / Canada Tuna Treaty. The purpose of this is to ensure that total catch does not exceed sustainable levels and to reduce the amount of unwanted bycatch. In efforts to reduce bycatch, fisherman use barbless hooks. This allows for a significant increase in the recovery of the bycatch.

Most Albacore is frozen at sea to ensure the highest quality. Some can be found fresh from late June to September.

At Trilogy we sell Albacore Tuna Loins for Sashimi, Hot Smoked, Cold Smoked and Whole.



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